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Digital Mosquito Control System - available in 15Gallon, 30 Gallon and 55 Gallon


Mosquitos Misting System
Mist Cooling Inc. is proud to introduce our brand new Mosquito/Insect Control system with Digital Timer. Our revolutionary system includes more features than any other overpriced insect control systems in the market.

Why spend thousands of dollars on overpriced mosquito/insect control systems? Now there is an economical way to prevent mosquito transmitted diseases, including: West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, and Malaria in humans, as well as, Heartworn in dogs and EEE in horses. Finally, you can enjoy your backyard patios, porches, courtyards, gardens and other areas without getting "eaten up" by disease spreading mosquitoes and other insects.

We take pride in our systems to control insects automatically. Once installed, system will automatically give a synchronized spray at specified times. Wireless remote control lets you run an extra timed cycle whenever needed. Our remote control has range of up to 650 ft! (Compare that to other remote control systems with standard range of 150ft)

System Includes:
- High Performance Pump assembly with Automatic Digital Timer and Weather Proof Enclosure
- Gallon Reservoir available in 15 Gallon, 30 Gallon and 55 Gallon. (Color may vary)
- 200ft ¼''UV resistant flexible tubing (Can easily be extended)
- Complete 20 nozzles do-it-yourself kit. (Includes all necessary fittings, clamps and end plugs)
- Use your choice of Insecticide. (Not Included)

- Pump assembly is the most important part of your system.
- We have over 30 years of experience when it comes to pumps.
- Most other companies use loud pumps with high electric consumption.

Our pump assembly includes following features:
- Plug & Play pump assembly (No tools required)
- Whisper quiet motor (Appx. 40dbm = Refrigerator)
- Built in Thermal Switch safety
- Low power consumption (1.5Amps)
- Can run dry
- In-line Filter
- Allows you to use variety of Insecticides
- Weather Proof enclosure (protects the system from harsh Sun, Rain, Dust & Snow)
- Wall Mountable
- 15ft long power cord
- Wireless Remote Control

This unit comes standard with Automatic Digital Timer:
- Easy set up and operation (Simply set Date & Time)
- Capable of running 14 cycles a day
- Adjustable Misting Intervals (2 Seconds to 60 Minutes)
- Manual "extra run" option on the timer
- Battery backup with low battery indicator
- Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time
- Displays current date and time
- Allows setting to skip or mist intervals, every day /specific days.
- Mist cooling Inc manufactures Cleanable Fog-Pin Nozzles allows you to easily clean clogged nozzles and re-use!

Great for:
Around the homes
Pool, Patio and outdoor Areas
Horse barn-stalls
Dairy, Beef, Swine Facilities
Dog Runs
Commercial and Industrial Facilities
Anywhere there is an insect problem
Available Options: You can easily expand this system as needed. Contact us for FREE custom design service. Use Stainless Steel Tubing for patio areas for ultimate look. (Lifetime Warranty) Browse our website for additional accessories (Risers, Filters, Nozzle Extensions etc…)
Discounts are available for contractors.

Warning: You need to wake up and act immediately! Mosquito bites are dangerous and can transmit life - threatening diseases, especially if you have children and pets at home.
Product SKU Price Order
15 Gallon Digital 20 Nozzles Mosquito Control System- Without Remote 15088-1 $1199.00
30 Gallon Digital 20 Nozzles Mosquito Control System- Without Remote 15088-2 $1549.00
55 Gallon Digital 20 Nozzles Mosquito Control System- Without Remote 15088-3 $2099.00
Remote Control for 15/30/55 Gallon System (Can not be added once system is built) 15088-Remote $99.99


(More Insecticides)

Riptide 5%- 64 oz $169.00
Tubing 1/4-500ft Coll 1/4 Tubing-500ft Rol $75.00
Misting Tee Nozzle w/ Anti-drip 1/4Misting Nozzle Tee NP-AD $12.40
Tee-Nozzle-45 w/ Anti-drip 45-10/24NP-AD $16.00
Straight Nozzle Tee w/ Anti-drip 180-10/24NP-AD $15.80
90 Elbow Nozzle 90-Elbow NP $8.20
Riser 12"-Universal Swivel M159-12 $12.99
Riser Custom Lenght Riser custom Length $20.75
3way Branch Tee Tube-Tube-Thd 1/4 Branch Tee 1/4NP $8.80
Coupler-Union Straight 1/4 Tube Coupler NP $8.40
Plug-Blind No Orifice 1/4PL $1.25